Monday, July 9, 2012

A Room With A View

In the ongoing quest to improve our environment, we decided to bust out and get a view of the great outdoors!  So we went from this....


And then...this.   But of course, this was at night after hours of painting.

And now we have this...lovely view.  
We lost our second fireplace in the process, and a heating one at that, but we wouldn't trade our new window.  And the wine about to be poured in celebration was made by a family friend.  We knew we were saving it for something special. 

The project was a bit pricey because the chimney on the outside had to be removed and the pitch of the roof had to be changed as well.  It wasn't as simple as plugging a window into place but it was the best allocation of resources.  We've saved in other ways by doing most of the work around the house, making curtains, scavenging for good buys on furniture and re-purposing things.  It's all about stretching the dollar as far as it can go and that, in itself, has turned into a game for us.  We have definitely become advanced users of Craigslist!  It's amazing what and why people sell things but they do.   Actually someone is probably scratching their heads at us too because we sold the old fireplace on Craigslist and the buyer was ecstatic!  It's a great little heater - we just wanted a window!  So I guess we're all happy now.

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