Friday, December 3, 2010

What To Do With Grown-up Lovies...

Lovie Bear
This is going to be the next project on my list!  How many of us have these treasured items that out grown kids have left behind!  These kinds of "lovies" have so many memories attached to them.  Even if the grown kids are blase' about leaving them behind, WE can recall many precious moments with them that our kids may have been too young to remember themselves.  Leaving these treasured lovies in the closet seems silly so when I saw this solution, I really loved it.  

So far, I only have 2 lovies to frame in a shadow box because my college daughter still brings hers back and forth to college...her little lovie should get air miles!!


  1. Love the idea. What a great way to preserve the little treasures while keeping them in sight.

  2. I would love to follow. Do you have open followers so that I can add you to my list?

  3. I know JUST how you feel!!! I am right there with you!