Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Stone Steps...It Was Worth The Work.

Here's our attempt at major landscaping / hardscape by ourselves.  We needed steps to the pergola (made by the Big Guy and his devoted brother) with lots of instruction and advice by the local lumber supply store).

We picked out the stones (too many tons to even count)...  and then....

...had to configure how to place them...

and, now look at this...

They are awesome steps!  Accomplished by the Big guy along with a hardworking, talented 20-something guy named Monte and an amazing little Bobcat.

We still need some plantings, of course, but we're trying to keep with the natural landscape of native grasses
and wildflowers.  The slope behind me, where the photo was taken,  is a favorite spot for deer.  They take naps there when we're not around and like to snack on the vegetation... so we're taking our time to experiment in finding species that won't become their main meal the first week they're planted. 

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