Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Is....Getting Started....

Well, I'm working on it!  At least I have the foundation  of the banister decoration done.  I do plan on adding a few layers of decor...but...sometimes when I pass by, I think it looks elegant in it's simplicity - the "less is more" option.  I kind of like that visual but there's that nagging thought that it's just the easy way out.  Soooo....I've been scouting the stores for something else to add to it at a reasonable price and I guess if I don't find anything that pleases me enough, I'll go with the Less Is More.
Then theres' the dining room that I've been working on.  It sure would be quicker if I used the same materials the way I did last year but I can never do that - I always have to re-design things using the same parts.  This year the ornaments went into the dining room candle holders:

These holly sprigs were in the entry last year in a large vase but this year they're in the living room in an old green thing that was sitting in a cabinet.  It looks OK - better at night:

And, last of all is the entry hall...showcasing the basket of poinsettias I've had for ages - the ones I I keep moving around ever Christmas.  They look great at night under the lamps, though.  I didn't have these lamps here last year so it's a different look.  (If you can't buy something new, just move the other stuff around...that's my theory.  And if you have 3 kids whose college educations have drained your bank account, it's the only thing you can do!!)

The entry:

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  1. I'm a less is more kind of decorator myself so I love your stairway as is. It's gorgeous, the winding curve!! Love your Christmas pretties.