Thursday, November 18, 2010

The China Study...veggies...Yum

This is where my darling husband of 35 years, thinks I've lost my marbles...mind you, we met in high school when we were 15 so he thought he knew me pretty well.  Ha ha.  Who knew...

Let me just say that I read a book called The China Study a few months ago - written by a scientist who has been involved in the study of nutrition at Cornell university for 30+ years ( more like 40 years, I think).  Anyway, he's something of a bright guy.  Soooo...I was convinced.   And....I've totally changed my way of eating.  No kidding.  At my age.  Pretty funny!      
I basically eat veggies.  Well, actually, I DO eat veggies.  And whole grains.  Nothing from animals for a few months now.  Hey - if you read this book you would too.  

I feel great and I am getting very creative with my cooking:

Here's my whole grain penne with vegetables.  I think the wine is acceptable - it doesn't come from an animal right?  No wonder I like this way of eating.  (And I've lost 6 lbs. too boot)  Cool!

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