Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Longing For The Lake...

Lake Love

Morning From The Deck

The lake didn't look this great last weekend because it was pouring all day Sunday.  Good thing Paul and Dave got in their golf game the day before.  Last week was a fun weekend with friends and it was a nice reprieve from the "To-Do" list we have going on up there.  It really seemed strange to sit on my comfy couch with a glass of wine and just chat with Lisa.  We did that sort of thing over the summer but the past few weeks have been one long painting party.  And the Big Guy goes non-stop.  Then he spends the next 5 days bent over at about a 45 degree angle.  Seriously, he walks that way for about 4 days and gradually gets more upright as the week goes on.  Sigh.  But he loves it.  The Lake House is his dream come true (notice I capitalized Lake House).


  1. I'm so with you on Lake House Love! Your view is GORGEOUS~ I had to google Lake Tulloch, my CA geography is sketchy at best...I have a bloggy friend that lives in Northern CA with beautiful hillside views. Water restores the soul & with mountain foothills to view too, that's a combination that can't be beat!

  2. Thanks for visitng my blog and leaving a comment. That gave me the chance to discover yours! The photos add a very nice touch.

    I also see several other blogs in your Blog List that look worthy of a visit.

    Best of luck to you, your husband, and your new retired life.