Friday, October 22, 2010

A Newly Painted Room...Just Feels Good

I loooove to paint!  Well, not the process of painting, really, but I really just love the feeling of having a newly painted room.  And the feeling of accomplishment too. It's energizing! We bought a house along a lake about a year ago and it may be our permanent retirement home - not sure yet - but it's been our all-consuming project.  The painting was put on hold for the summer months so we could enjoy the place with family but the paint buckets are calling our names again!

My favorite paints are Benjamin Moore - I use them all the time. They cover really well and designers (like myself) use them more than any other brands. Pottery Barn has its own selection of Benjamin Moore paint colors and they are frequently featured in magazines (look in the back of a decorating magazine, in the resources section,  and you will likely find the Benjamin Moore paint color listed by page).  Traditional Home magazine usually lists paint colors for their layouts.

The color in the picture of our guest room is Kentucky Haze:

We usually do the painting ourselves - I thought I retired from that job too until I started getting bids from painting contractors - whoa!  But you can get creative about asking for help if you can't do it yourself:

1.  Ask your kids to do a room for you and then put on a nice dinner for them and their friends.

2.  Or, if they have kids, make a deal with them to take the grandchildren for a weekend so mom and dad can have a romantic getaway in exchange for the paining job.  (Or a romantic dinner if you can't take the children for an overnight).

3. You could also pay your kids to paint a room - with the economy the way it is, they might really like that approach.

4.  UH...well you could always ask for having a room painted as a Christmas present.  How many robes and slippers can you handle anyway?

Just think about how great that room will look when it's painted and how nice it will make you feel.

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