Friday, October 29, 2010

OMG! There's A Mouse In The House!!!

See that little black spot along the wall?  Yea - cute, cute, CUTE little mouse but...seriously, I wasn't a happy woman.  Ohhh man.  Home alone and...alone for the night with the big guy away and a critter scurrying around.  Clearly, I was the one more afraid. I mean what the heck do you do to get the thing out of the house?  I'm not real good at whacking live animals...maybe stay the night with friends and let the little guy have the run of the house?

My neighbor ran over with her mouse bait and there it is in the box on the kitchen counter but...I wasn't quite ready for that yet.  I might have nightmares.

After an hour of the two of us avoiding one another, I figured I must be smarter than he is. 

How did he get in?  Well, the garage door had been open all day and the door to the kitchen as well (I was gardening) sooooo.. he could darn well leave the same way he came in...out the door.  With that brilliant thought in mind, I scooped up a spoonful of peanut butter, placed it about 3 feet outside of the open front door and waited....   sure enough he got hungry and went for it.  SLAM.  Shut the door and we were done with each other.

Well, that was a fun four hours.

What a woman!    

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