Friday, October 29, 2010

Rick and The Giants

My big guy lost an old friend two days ago.  Very unexpectedly.  Actually, it was a shock.  Rick was out riding his bike and had a heart attack.

Everyone reacts differently.  The big guy seemed OK - sad, but OK.

Later that day, I received an excited phone call from the older son (27)....Dad was taking him and the younger son (22) to the first game of the World Series.     Uh.     Whaaaat????   Excuuuuuse me????

Me:          "And those tickets were how much, Dear???"
Big Guy:   "Only $500."
Me:          " $500. all together?"
Big Guy:   "Um...No...$500. each...."
Big Guy:   (Pause) "I was thinking, the Giants will probably never be in another World Series in my lifetime.
Me:          "Ummm Hmmmm"

They talked about the game for hours when they came home... and again today.  Tonight they're watching the second game on TV.  But what a memory they had of that first World Series game. Giants won 11-7.

Everyone reacts to loss differently.

Thinking of you Rick.

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