Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ta Da !

The guest room is done, done, done!  Well, almost - I still need to add some accessories...maybe a few framed items above the bed or...whatever... I'm still thinking.  

I am sooo happy with my "frugal-finds" for this room.  It took some leg work but, really, it wasn't that hard.  The duvet cover shams and comforter were purchased at the HomeGoods store:  homegoods.com for a total of $120.  I could have gotten the same thing in an all-in-one comforter set ( bed-in-a-bag) for a lot less ($80.) but since this was a guest room, I wanted to be able to easily wash a duvet cover for my guests and not have everyone sharing germs.  Not cool.  Oh - and the bedskirt was purchased online for about $40.

The end tables came from a home consignment store in our area that actually sells a few new things - they were $120 each.

The lamps are from Target.  Yes - Target.  target.com.  It's a great place for lamps because they are so reasonable - and they work - unlike some lamps I've scooped up before at some out of the way places.  The Target lamps have "mix and match" shades and all together, I think they were about $40. a piece. 

Here's a cute little slipper chair from Target.  I ordered this online after I saw it in the store and it was about $150.  It's not really comfy - I don't think my guests will cozy up with a book but it's a decent place to park your bum when your're putting on socks or waiting for your better half to finish up in the bathroom.  The pillows (there's a second one on the bed) came form HomeGoods and they are beautiful, brown Ralph Lauren corduroy.  They look like a million bucks but were $20 each.  

The paint is Kentucky Haze by Benjamin Moore.  It's a nice, cool and soothing color - just love it.  (about $100 for the room)

I get such a charge out of spending as little as possible on this stuff and still having a pretty nice room come out of it.  

I really needed to get this room in shape because we're in that retirement mode like so many of our friends who also haven't been able to replace their former jobs and we're all going around visiting one another.  
Instead of "stay-cations", we've been doing "friends-house-cations".  No hotel rooms, new scenery, and we try to do cheap dinners.  The challenge that's been thrown out is to come supplied with a new kind of inexpensive but really good bottle of wine.  We've discovered a couple of very nice ones:  KlinkerBrick Zinfandel  KlinckerBrickWinery.com and Cline Ancient Vine Zinfandel ClineCellars.com  Yumm!!! (make sure you get the "ancient" vine kind.)

Friends are coming in mid-November so now we'll be ready for them.  So, all together I spent about $730.  OK, not cheap for those in a real crunch but I think it's do-able for some and certainly less extravagant than what more than a few of us would have plunked on our credit card a couple of years ago!  And I'm pleased with the way it turned out.  Now I have to keep reminding my darling guy how much money he has saved.. haha!

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